Mock Interviewer Preparation

A mock interview for a participant will last a total of 20 minutes.

  • 10 minutes for the interview
  • 3-5 minutes for the interviewer to write feedback notes
  • 5 minutes to give the feedback to the participant

The participants will choose a “job” at the beginning of the day that they will use to prepare for their mock interview. They will have 10 different “jobs” to choose from. When you interview, you will know the job that they are interviewing for, so you can gear your questions that would be most appropriate for that job.

You will have 8-10 questions to ask the participant. You choose questions that you would like to ask the participant.

Please click here to review the feedback form.

Please click here to review the job descriptions they will have to choose from for the mock interviews.

Once we have the participants registered, we will finalize the jobs that they will be interviewing for and get that information to you prior to the day of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact Holly Long at