Live to Bloom was founded in 2010 by a team of women that care. Lead by Pamela Potts, they formed an organization to come along-side non-profit organizations to work with young women. With a heart of compassion, encouragement, and knowing the importance of having someone believe in you, Live to Bloom began.

The program is designed to tap into a young women’s unique strengths, talents and passions… to help them obtain a job that is a good fit for them now… while giving them tools to prepare and attain future career goals.

Delivered in partnership with other non-profit organizations, we provide workshops to young women on setting career goals; self-discovery; interviewing, resume, and job application assistance; appearance, self-esteem, and presentation skills.

Along with the workshops, people from the community come together to help the young women navigate through the career discovery steps as mentors and coaches.

We want each young woman to feel special, encouraged, supported. We want them to know that they have unique talents and potential — and give them hope that they can dream and reach their goals.


Live to Bloom Founders

pamela potts

Pamela Potts

Executive Director & Co-Founder
Exec Coach, Speaker, Trainer – Intentional Women Leaders
Chief Partnership Officer & Co-Owner – Strengthscope U.S. LLC

linda loveless

Linda Loveless

Style Coach & Founder – Image by Design
Exec National Vice President – Arbonne International

Committee Members