Navigator Preparation

As a Navigator, you will be working with a participant for the entire day. You will have the opportunity to invest in the young woman’s life, guide her through the workshops, and be her coach for the day. You will either work with a participant one-on-one, or you may have two.

All of the hand-outs will be in a packet the participant receives the day of the event. These are here for your reference. You do not need to print them.

Morning Workshops

  • Strengths and Career Interests
    This may be the first time that someone is helping them identify something that they are naturally good at. We all have strengths and interests that make us unique. There are no right or wrong answers here. Encourage her and be perceptive to some of the hints she may give you to help coach her and help her feel her value.

    • A list of the 24 strengths is in the manual
    • Questions we have for you will guide the discussion about helping her self-identify her top 3-5 strengths
    • View the training below that goes over the Strengths presentation
    • Career pathway discover using the Hollands assessment (can take the quiz online) and use the My Next Move website to view career pathway ideas.
    • You can help her complete the checklist on her top strengths, and any specific interests she has in career options (see the schedule and checklist).
    • During this session we will not have enough time to do both the strengths quiz and Hollands assessment. If she needs help with career pathways discovery, she can use the Hollands assessment during breaks in the morning to work more on this part.
  • “Noticing” Your Bloom Participant
    • View the training below
    • At the end of the event during the style show, you will have an opportunity to give your gal that you have been working with all day a note that tells them what you have noticed about them.
    • Led by Amy Johnson from The Noticed Network.
  • Job Search Techniques
    • View the training below
    • The focus for this session will be how to use LinkedIn effectively.
    • How to set up your profile and tips to enhance¬† your profile.
    • Personal Branding and what that means in your job search.
    • Led by Christy Rogers from Training Umbrella.
  • Resume Writing
    • Learn how to not make your resume look like an obituary!
    • The participant will learn how to write her resume that will get results.
    • Led by Dawn Murphy from St Luke’s Healthcare System.
    • Handouts for resume writing are included in the participant manual.
  • Interviewing
    • View the training below
    • The participant will be learning tips on interviewing – what to do and what not to do.
    • There are questions that are often asked in an interview. The goal with these questions is helping her prepare how she will answer these questions.
    • These questions will be some of¬† the questions used in the mock interviews.
    • Led by Bethany Spilde from Johnson County Community College Career Development Center.


Strengthscope Training

Handout that will be included in the participant manual:

24 Strengths

The Heart of Live to Bloom and “Noticing” the Young Women

Job Search Techniques Overview / What will be covered in this workshop

Handouts that will be included in the participant manual:

OverviewLinkedIn Profile TemplatePersonal Brand

Interview Success / Bethany Spilde